Testimonial 1512 : Evelien Bernaers & Emran Mehmandoost

I hereby send you a short version of our story: 


We met last year, on the 16th of september in Teheran. Stayed in touch after that and considered each other boyfriend-girlfriend as from about half of october. We arranged to see each other in Armenia for five days in the beginning of november, and i travelled back to Iran for 9 days the first week of january. So the last time we saw each other was the 12th of january.

I had bought tickets for a trip to Iran of 2 weeks in april and he has arranged the necessary paperwork regarding his property in Kashan, so he should've finally been able to get a Schengen visa. He was supposed to visit belgium for 6weeks this summer, i had bought us Werchter tickets... 


So you can see we are one of those cases who do not meet up to the strict requirements, nor are we able to achieve those requirements (cfr 45d together) in the future due to the travel restrictions. Only solution for us is to wait until corona disappears again...


On top of that, my father has become ill half of may with cancer, and therapy is already stopped now because it was ineffective. He's getting weaker everyday. Because of this, my preference would be to allow Emran to visit here, that way i can keep taking care of my dad as his doctor and Emran could meet him before it's too late... 



Thank you for your efforts to take these legal steps. I'm sorry this is necessary, but apparently they don't understand any other language.. . 



Evelien Bernaers

Evelien Bernaers