Olga Marcel Salcedo

Testimonial nr 1016 : Olga Salcedo and her mother

Olga Marcel Salcedo

My name is Olga Salcedo, I am a Belgian resident from Mexico City and I would like to bring my mother to Belgium from Mexico.

I am 39 weeks pregnant with my first child (girl) and I have no family here in Belgium, just my husband.

I am my mother’s only child and she is a widow, my father passed away two years ago.

This will be her first grandchild and she would like to be here to meet her and to be with her and with us during such an important event in our lives.

My mother is needed to be here to deliver essential support to me and to help us as a family.

As my husband is self-employed he is unable to take any long vacation to stay with me and the baby.

This is causing us a lot of stress and expected challenges, while we try to remain calm ahead of the birth.

Giving birth for the first time is in itself will already be a new and stressful experience for which you can never be fully prepared.

I’m already living in Belgium for four years but it remains a different country with different cultural aspects and a different language.

To find help and support for the baby and me, which would normally be given by my mother, is not easy.

We have made several requests to the authorities here in Belgium, such as the border control, the department of foreign affairs and the embassy of Belgium in Mexico.

We have asked countless times for them to grant my mother permission to come to Belgium. We communicated thoroughly that she is not going to come to Belgium for touristic reasons, but for emotional support and essential care to our family.

We insisted that she is willing to take a COVID test before she leaves Mexico, and after she arrives in Belgium.

She is also willing to be in self quarantine, not only in Belgium but also before arriving in Belgium.

She is prepared to stay in quarantine as long as necessary for the authorities.

We even offered to add these sanitary measures as conditions to her entry letter. But in spite of all our efforts and arguments, the answer is always a simple sentence with a big no.

This is really hard for her and for me, because unless a miracle occurs, we are not going be together in this time that is so important for the both of us.

This has caused immense stress and anxiety on my behalf which I unfortunately pass on to the baby.

As Kathleen said, that it is not easy, it causes real damage and is not good for the mother and the child and even worse for the delivery.

Altogether, it has been a very stressful period for me, my baby and also my husband, especially as we attempt to seek answers from  different authorities.

 We write each request  thoroughly and thoughtfully with a lot of care and emotions.

Each time, the answers are short and negative and reflect how little time and understanding there is with regards to this situation.

This situation affects us greatly on a personal level.- Olga Marcela Salcedo 

Olga Marcela Salcedo